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The 2014 Kids' World of Energy Festival is made possible in part with support from the Government of Ontario


 2014 Kids' World of Energy Festival Sponsors

Title Sponsor

Toronto Hydro



Site Sponsor

LUSH cosmetics Evergreen


Enercon CANwea




Volunteer Sponsor

Recurrent Energy



Apparel Sponsor

EDF Energy
Portlands Energy Me to We


Festival Supporters


Spark Solar Elementary Teachers of Toronto Angus Power


Food Sponsors

the big carrot Camino Sweets from the Earth




2013 Climb the Turbine Sponsors

Renewable Energy Education Supporters


options for green energy EDF


Kids' World of Energy Program Partners

Ont Trillium Foundation
Our Renewable Energy Design Challenge was made possible by a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation
TD Friends of the Environment Foundation is the Founding Sponsor of our Kids' World of Energy in the Classroom program.


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